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On September 21st, 2021, I began working as a waiter for Kruger Station/Shalati. I considered it my ultimate destination job in the waiter department. That same year, I met Mr. Admire Guillosa, who was working in the mines at the time. I shared my business plan with him, and he expressed a keen interest in it. We combined our plans, and now we work together as partners in Mthunzi Safaris and Transfers, which we consider a family business.


In March 2022, I left Kruger Station/Shalati to focus on our new company, Mthunzi Safaris and Transfers, where we both became Manager Directors. Our company has been performing exceptionally well and has become a highly marketable brand. We began marketing the company before the car was even ready to be used, which is why the company is now rolling the ball very well.

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