Mthunzi Safaris and Transfers is an exceptional company that you can trust. Founded and registered on December 13th, 2019 by Solly Lawrence Mthunzi, who previously worked as a waiter in various lodges, hotels, and restaurants for 18 years. With his experience interacting with tourists and people from all over the world, Solly was inspired to upgrade his life and pursue his passion for tourism. Today, Solly is the Manager Director of Mthunzi Safaris and Transfers.


The company is based in Mpumalanga, near the Paul Kruger Gate in South Africa. Mthunzi Safaris and Transfers is committed to creating job opportunities and fighting poverty by employing more people. You are cordially invited to come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Mthunzi Safaris and Transfers while embarking on an unforgettable adventure. The company specializes in various types of activities that you will surely enjoy.


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On September 21st, 2021, I began working as a waiter for Kruger Station/Shalati. I considered it my ultimate destination job in the waiter department. That same year, I met Mr. Admire Guillosa, who was working in the mines at the time. I shared my business plan with him, and he expressed a keen interest in it. We combined our plans, and now we work together as partners in Mthunzi Safaris and Transfers, which we consider a family business.


In March 2022, I left Kruger Station/Shalati to focus on our new company, Mthunzi Safaris and Transfers, where we both became Manager Directors. Our company has been performing exceptionally well and has become a highly marketable brand. We began marketing the company before the car was even ready to be used, which is why the company is now rolling the ball very well.

Blyde River Canyon

Panorama route

Kruger National Park:


Full-Day Safari – 9 hours
Our full-day safari offers an amazing game viewing experience from an open safari vehicle, starting early in the morning. During your trip, our professional guide will take you to one of the best restaurants in Kruger National Park from different camps for breakfast and lunch. Your trip won’t be limited to game viewing but will also include visits to various places in Kruger. We also provide water throughout the trip to keep you hydrated.


Morning Safari – 6 hours

Our morning safari allows for an early start to spot most of the nocturnal animals still active before they retire for the day. Breakfast will be served around 8-9am at one of the rest camps where you can enjoy the stunning views.


Private Safari – 6 or 9 hours

Our private safari is a phenomenal experience that you will never forget and will leave you with amazing memories of Kruger National Park. This option is only available for you, your female friends, and your partner, and does not include any other outsiders. Our guide will make sure to personalize the tour according to your preferences.

We also offer accommodation booking services to make your trip more convenient. Additionally, during your excursion, you won’t need to worry about carrying water as our company is well-equipped with it. We also provide some snacks to keep you energized throughout your adventure.

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